SainSmart CNC 3018 Router 3/8″ Aluminum Side Plates x4



**Currently not available. Aluminum and waterjet time have priced them out of reality. I am working on setting up the project on my 4040 and should be dialed in arount the first of the year.**

The CNC 3018 Router uses Bakelite panels on it’s four sides. They weigh nothing and are just slightly stronger than cast acrylic. Want to mill/cut some aluminum? My 3/8″ Waterjet-Cut panels make your 3018 STOUT!!

These are precision cut and I install the two bearings. They fit the SainSmart 3018 the same as stock. I can’t say they will fit all other brands, but the couple I have inspected my panels fit.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
CNC 3018 Plates

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