FoxAlien 4040-XE Dust Shoe Vacuum



Hi Guys,

Well, my “Suck It Up!!” Vacuum Dust Shoe is ready for Prime Time! Comes with hardware for 300 and 500 watt 52mm spindles for Fox Alien and many other CNC Routers.

Man, this really SUCKS! I used some aluminum mill swarf from my mini mill and it sucks it right up. Wood, carbon fiber and router aluminum swarf will be easy-peasy! Video below.

Works with all 300 watt and 500 watt Chinese spindles on many different CNC Routers. Uses an 1-1/4″ Shop Vacuum hose. Craftsman from Lowe’s and Amazon both fit perfect. The hose needs to be 1-1/4″ inside diameter and the hard plastic hose end needs to be removed….most rotate off backwards….”Righty-Loosey”

Production color/finish will be satin black. I am using Ryobi Green for the intro because it photographs much better 🙂
If you want a Ryobi Green one I can do that, put it in the notes when ordering.

Resin 3D Printed in Siraya Tech “Build” resin, incorporates a 5/64″ thick laser-cut Delrin support in the top, laser-cut foam gasket between the halves, Laser-cut polyurethane foam gasket to the spindle,  four rare earth magnets hold the halves together & make it easy to change bits and assorted length silicone 1-1/4″ pickup hoses. My designer Dave Kern and I put in a bunch of hours to get this done right.

Install notes:

Upper shoe mounts to the FoxAlien 300 Watt spindle by pulling up on the fan on the top of the motor. Change out the two M4 x 100mm Phillips screws one at a time.

The 500 Watt spindle attaches with the four M4 x 16 Allen head capscrews.

Choose the length of the silicone hose wisely. Be sure to allow room for hold down hardware to clear. Error on the shorter side and/or move the spindle to the four corners of your workpiece to verify clearance. What looks “too short” will still Suck really well 🙂 You can cut them to length easily if you need a between length.

I include a 1-1/4″ shop vac hose connector. Funny, Amazon does not sell these, so I 3D Printed them. They will also be black. If you do the overhead mount, this enables you to join hoses and you can leave one attached and the other one, you can store easily.

I used a 12″ HarborFreight clamp, part numbers 62123, 46807, 68975, 69221, 69222, 63017

I used a 24″ piece of Flowguard Gold 3/4″ water heater PVC from HomeDepot, part number 206153

To hold the hose to the pipe, I used HomeDepot Nite Ize 24″ Loopable Gear Tie

Eleven foot 1-1/4″ vacuum hose, so you can put the vacuum in a closet/cabinet to quiet it down. From Amazon

You can do whatever, but these are a good start, and pretty reasonable in price.


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