Hi everyone! I’m Pete “KWICK” Aronson. I have been in the” Niche Market” Biz for 32 years now. I started out in 1991 making and selling Schwinn Sting-Ray Reproduction Parts and Accessories, I did that for 26 years. That led to my true love, Motorcycles and making parts for the Kawasaki ZRX in 1999 to present.

Now I am launching a new tangent, Lazzzzer.com Which will help with parts and accessory support for the GlowForge C02 Lasers. GlowForge does not provide much help to those who want to repair their units themselves. And, what few parts they do supply are often on backorder and Etsy/eBay sellers have them at several hundred percent markup. I will be supplying and manufacturing parts, tools and tooling for the GlowForge. Stay tuned to this Bat Channel for stuff.

In 2014 The TechShop came to town. It was a 15,000 square foot dream machine shop that you could join. You could do almost anything there. I got certified on the whole shop: All types of welding, CNC Mill, Knee Mill, Lathe, Powder Coat, Waterjet, Full Wood Shop, Lasers, Vinyl plotter,  Full Metal Shop, Silk Screening, Various Sewing Machines…the list went on. In 2017 The TechShop went into bankruptcy and is no longer.

But, The TechShop taught me exactly what machinery I needed in MY own shop! Instead of farming out the heavy work and doing the hand finish stuff in-house, as I did Pre-2014, I have spent the last six years collecting equipment which has allowed me to make over 100 Motorcycle parts in-house and as you will see on MMandLS, over 40 Unique Tooling Items for the Mini Mill, Mini Lathe, CNC Router, Laser, Micro Lathe, 3D Printer, Band Saw, ArcDroidCNC Plasma, Vapor Hone along with Organizational Items. I produce 8-10 items for Little Machine Shop and also make CNC Router Dust Shoes which you can buy here Suck.It-Up.net or on the FoxAlien.com websites.

As you will see in time, I am kind of a Whacky Inventor and will be constantly updating my product lineup.
I do things unconventionally such as using aluminum for prototyping and 3D Printing for production, the opposite of 98% of the manufacturing World. I have been asked repeatedly “What got you interested in 3D Printing?” Ten years ago I bought a set of “gears” from Shapeways in New Your City. The three gears were printed together and are rotate-able. It was, and still is, a fascinating piece of work. At TechShop I used to give tours and one thing I always showed off was a dual Sriracha Chili Sauce cap that was in the TechShop display. It was one of my first complex prints, I still keep it in MY personal display. I bought my first printer about nine years ago, I now have five in operation.

I often don’t sleep at night and create an entire product in my head. I have products in my Que, as it were, and as time permits I will bring them online. As a one-man shop, likewise some things will be discontinued to make time for others. I will be continuing with the Kawasaki Business running in parallel. Check it out at www.ExpensiveLightweightStuff.com 

I do not have a retail store, and the address on the web is my shipping address at The UPS Store in Tempe. If you want to stop in, please call me at 602-397-4869 to see if I am in and to get my physical shop address. I am in and out often, so please call. And, please call any time with any questions you might have.

GlowForge Laser demos I love doing. If you are in the market for a laser, stop in and see what they will do.

Pete “KWICK” Aronson
www.MMandLS.com <<Shortcut, Less Typing 🙂
315 West Elliot Road
Suites 107-487
Tempe, AZ 85284


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