Sain Smart 3018 CNC Router Y Axis Bearings and Acme Block Set





As you will find as you get to know me, I am very unconventional when it comes to bringing products to market.

I bought a 3018 and am working on making it effortlessly cut aluminum. I made these parts in aluminum for prototyping. My production parts set are made on my 3D Printer.

The aluminum blocks you will see to the pictures below are the prototypes. The black 3D Printed ones are actually heavier than the aluminum ones and are rock-solid.

The bearings came stock 29mm long. My blocks have 55mm bearings…over twice as long. This makes for a really solid table. Lubricate the bearings with Linear Bearing Lube or Lubriplate “Aero” white grease when installing and regularly thereafter.

The ACME screw block comes with a tube of Loctite 380 Black Max rubberized adhesuive to install the ACME thread out of your stock flimsy plastic block. Save the extra to mount the X and Z Axis thread as they will eventually fall out of yours. Read the adhesive directions and shake VERY well.

There is 50 hours of 3D Print time in this set. You will need ten M5 Allen Head Cap Screws to fit to your stock T Slot nuts. Set consists of four bearing blocks, four LM10UU “Extra Long” linear bearings installed and the ACME Block.

These fit the current SainSmart 3018. They will probably fit all the 3018’s, but I have not tried each Chinese router to see.

See my other items for my set of four aluminum sideplates to replace the Bakelite ones that are stock.

Below are the aluminum prototypes:

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