Mini Mill and Mini Lathe Housing for Tachometer Electronics.



Jeff at makes a reasonably priced EXCELLENT Tachometer for the LittleMachineShop, MicroMart and other Mills and Lathes listed on the MacPod site. But, he makes only the tach board and wiring. You are left to your own devices to create an enclosure to house it. There are various renditions on Jeff’s site.

Edit: Wow, there are many more housings on the MacPod site since the last time I looked. 🙂

So, I fired up the 3D Printer and Laser and we came up with this. Super-Easy install. You’ll need a Dremel/pocket knife/heated X-Acto type blade/X-Acto saw/drill or coping saw to cut the plastic after using a Sharpie to make the slot. It does not need to be perfect, you’ll have a box covering to slot. Attach the wires per the MacPod instructions, stick thru the hole, peel the 3M tape off the back of the housing back and stick. Use the four screws to mount the circuitry into the box. Plug harness into the board and snap onto the back. There are tabs on the left and right to engage the two pieces together.

Link to the MacPod Tach:



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