Harbor Freight 44991 Mini Mill X Axis Powerfeed



**I am not offering this as a turn-key setup at this time. I will sell some of the components, call me and we can discuss what I have and what modifications and/or assembly you will need provide**

Have a Harbor Freight Mini Mill? You NEED one of these!! Just like a lathe powerfeed, it enables you to make precise, smooth cuts.

Powered by a power window motor and a 12 volt adjustable power supply. A simple sliding engage/disengage 3D Printed Socket of sorts converts from power to manual and back as often as you need.

I have used mine constantly for over two years now. The video below shows a 1.5″ indexable face mill cutting 1.25″ aluminum and leaves a shiny finish.

Comes with reversing DPDT switch in a 3D Printed box. Wires will come attached to the switch and will be extra long. Connectors to the power supply and motor will be unattached so you can make them the length to work with your workbench/cabinet setup.

To mounting bracket is made of leaser-cut 1/4″ thick 6061-T6 aluminum.

Chip Guard on power supply is included.

Limit switches are optional: Micro Limit Switch Set

If you have a different Sieg-made mini mill, call and we can figure out if it will fit and if I need to resize any of the components. 602-397-3869

Please allow about one week for me to put this setup together.

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Weight 2 lbs
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