GlowForge Rear Carriage Tray Pulley Wheel




Just finished work on my Rear Carriage Tray Pulleys! Jonathan G, of Team Jonathan™ has been bugging me to get off my butt, do my homework and release these.

GlowForge does not these pulleys EXCEPT as part of a $150.05 “Carriage Plate Assembly”. And, even then they are usually out of stock when you break one.

Mine are made of POM, a thermoplastic. Super durable in this application. Mine use two bearings instead of the stock single bearing. Moving the pulley sideways you can instantly feel the difference. Multiple times less play, which equals more accuracy in your prints.

With two bearings, the spacer needs to be shorter and one of the correct length is included with each pulley.

Install with a drop of blue Loctite or a drop of SuperGlue on the threads.

These will be shipping starting Wednesday December 20. Pre-order them prior and save $3 each.

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Weight .1 lbs
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