GlowForge Idler Pulley Wheel With Bearings




GlowForge Idler Pulley Wheel With Bearings

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Turned on my lathe by me of REAL Delrin. Similar to nylon, but much better. NOT plastic, NOT 3D printed!

These WILL last!!

Sold each, bearings are installed. Flush side towards the machine. Inset side towards the attaching bolt.

Three of these pulley wheels are located in the Glowforge: one is on the underside of the laser arm, on the right hand side, and it guides the carriage plate belt. The other two are located on the back of each side rail of the Glowforge, guiding the side tension belts.

Delrin Specs: ASTM D6778, FDA Compliant 21 CFR 177.2480, NSF/ANSI 51
Readily machinable to close tolerances, these dimensionally stable tubes resist expanding when exposed to heat and moisture. They have a naturally slippery surface along with excellent wear resistance. Use them to make precision gears, bushings, and bearings. Delrin® acetal resin, also known as acetal homopolymer, is stronger and stiffer than acetal copolymer.

I won’t say they are “unbreakable” as I am sure someone can come up with a way, but here’s my Ram 1500 4X4 running over one of my Delrin pulley with no bearings installed:


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