GlowForge Daughter Board Dust Shield Draft Dodger




The Draft Dodger™!

This is a Kool product from the brains of  Jim Alexander and the team at FGGOF. Jim created the prototype. Sir Jonathan Gleich endorses it. I put the finishing touches on it to resin print repeatedly 🙂

Made to snap over the Daughter Board to semi-shield it from lazzzer debris. The is NOT an excuse to never clean your GlowForge.

As we found out today, do not drop the Draft Dodger™ on a tile floor from six foot. It will break.

These take six hours of print time each plus cleanup and prep/paint. They may ship in a day, possibly 5 days or so.

Printed in “Smokey Black” semi transparent resin. Introductory priced at $25.00

Easy install, snaps in place. Be sure to gently move the wiring as needed to clear. DO NOT FORCE. Check all connectors to be sure you did not accidentally disconnect any.



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Weight .35 lbs
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