GlowForge Basic/Plus/Pro “Performance” Airfilter Replacement Cartridge




I just started offering a direct replacement for the Glowforge filter cartridge.   These are identical to what Glowforge sells.

HEPA Filter Efficiency 0.3µm (Micron) 99.97%
“Meets or exceeds the GlowForge Filter Element Specifications”

GlowForge gets $313.42 shipped for theirs. Mine are $210.00 shipped ($209.00 plus $1.00 shipping) in the USA. Inquire for other countries. They will be dropped shipped from the midwest via USPS. If you are in Arizona there will be Arizona sales tax added.

If you must run a filter, let me save you some money. As always, be aware that MDF and plywoods have glue that uses up the filter faster.

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