GlowForge Discount

GlowForge offers a code to each of us that has purchased a GlowForge Laser to pass along to others.
Use it and get $250 off a Plus or $500 off a Pro. Likewise I get a spiff from GlowForge on each one you purchase.
My Custom Code (Direct from GlowForge)

The GlowForge is an incredible machine. I have a Basic and have used it daily for almost two years now. After watching the banter on the web for a couple years, it seems the negative reviews are from the competition. GlowForge keeps updaing the software and each time my Basic works that much better.

I have tagged each item on my websites that I have used the GlowForge in some way of another. Products Made on a GlowForge Laser Made on a Glowforge Laser

Contact me for details on how my GlowForge works and what it is capable of:

To adapt the SwitchBot to make the GlowBot  above, email me and I’ll send you the PDF file for the 0.118″ acrylic.

Excellent Review of the GlowForge Basic in Make: Magazine:

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