Lenox 5’2″ (62″) Bandsaw Blade 14-18 TPI 3/8″ Bi-Metal




This bandsaw blade fits most 9″ “Wood” bandsaws. It will cut thru 1″ Aluminum like butter. I have also cut 0.050″ Titanium with no issues on my Ryobi BS904G bandsaw. Pricey, but cheaper than a specific metal-cutting bandsaw.

Bi-metal blades feature a toothed edge made from high speed steel (HSS) attached to a flexible steel backing through an electron-beam welding process. This configuration results in a blade that makes precise cuts while resisting breakage.
M42, also known as high speed steel (HSS), provides good wear resistance and can be used in general purpose applications for both ferrous and nonferrous materials.
The cutting surface of a toothed edge is composed of a row of pointed teeth. Common tooth variations include the number of teeth per inch and pitch pattern. They are used on ferrous and nonferrous materials.


Blade Material Bi-Metal
Tip/Edge Material M42
Tooth Material M 42 HSS
Blade Length (Feet) 5′ 2″
Teeth Per Inch 14-18
Blade Width (Inch) 3/8
Blade Thickness (Decimal Inch) 0.0250
Cutting Edge Style Toothed Edge

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Weight 2 lbs
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